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Surf & Adventure travel: Trip planning, guided trips and specialty packages El Salvador and Peru

Surfista Travel was created to save you time and money while supporting local business people in Peru and El Salvador.

At Surfista we speak Spanish and English and we do the background work and organization so you can travel safely and stress free.

We work with reliable honest locals in Peru and El Salvador that often speak limited English, don't have a website or maybe just have trouble marketing internationally.

We create business opportunities for them and for you an authentic local experience.

We only support and recommend people and places we know and that we have stumbled across throughout our travels in Peru and El Salvador.

At Surfista we recognize that each traveler has a different agenda, budget and objective and we aim to provide as much or as little assistance as needed to ensure you have an unforgettable adventure!

Contact Renee at Surfista for your next surf trip!